Public Sector Schools, Hospitals and other Public Spaces

From initial design and planning, we can deliver full fit out projects right through to hand over. Our multi-skilled teams are dynamic and get involved in different parts of each project, this approach improves knowledge within the team and makes everything run smoothly.

All our projects are carried out with our bespoke project management system which includes group chat communication, order processing and project management tools. This allows our office and site staff to be in immediate communication and process changes, orders and general progress instantly between managers and operatives.

Public Sectors

Schools and Universities

We understand the difficulties of working in educational facilities and can work with your to insure a smooth process. 

Hospitals and Healthcare

Our expert knowledge of working with hospitals can ensure your project runs smoothly. 

Theatres and the Arts

Whatever you have planned for your new space our suppliers and contractors can work with you to achieve your dreams. 

Religious Spaces

When working in religious space we will proceed with the upmost respect for you and your space. 


Our projects start with a meeting and site survey to fully realise your needs for your unique space.  Through listening to your objectives, we can insure the final outcome meets all your requirements. 


Whether it is an Office, Retail or Industrial space we understand the importance of working closely with our clients to get the most out of your space. We will fully design your space in 3D and work with your to ensure everything is right before we start.


We will designate you with one of our Specialist Project Managers to ensure a smooth refurbishment of your space. We have had experience working in occupied buildings and on tight timeframes to work around to your personal requirements.

Public Sector GreenLight
Public Sector GreenLight
Public Sector GreenLight